Monday, November 17, 2003

Baby, Baby!

Wow, what a fantastic weekend I just had! Started off well with a lazy Friday night, pizza and a video with Allen - we watched "The Secretary" - a rather unconventional love story with a bit of S&M thrown in - definitely not your typical Hollywood romance... I really liked its originality, and I think I enjoyed it on the whole. (Thanks for the recommendation, Dave!) Just don't watch it with your parents ;)

Saturday, I caught up with a few friends from school for a farewell lunch for Marijana, who heads to Melbourne this Thursday, to live there indefinitely... had a good girls' goss session, and followed up lunch with Baskin Robbins icecream - yummo!

Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day... played a bit of tennis in the morning, and had lunch with a work colleague (aka Einstein) at the Boat Shed in South Perth. Lovely venue, weather was perfect and the food was delicious (if a little overpriced). Conversation was bearable ;) Then caught up with a couple of uni friends at Clancy's Fish Pub in Subi - Jo-Ann and Justin are heading off to work at the Ombudsman's Office in Port Moresby, PNG, on a 2 year contract. What a huge call - such a big lifestyle change from Perth! Jo-Ann was saying that Port Moresby isn't the safest place to be these days - you wouldn't want to be wandering the streets on your own. Good on you guys for going, it'll be an experience!

Sunday night... Went for dinner with sis, bro-in-law and friend at the Orient, on Scarborough Beach Rd in Mt Hawthorn - absolutely delicious Thai food, prolly the best I've eaten. Definitely beats Royal Thai on Oxford St - and Bennie, FYI, Thai food is so NOT poor man's Chinese. Mmmmm mm. After dinner we wandered down to the Paddington Ale House to see Tex Perkins (of The Cruel Sea fame) perform live, and ohmigod, what a HUNK OF SPUNK!!! Somehow we managed to score a table front and centre, RIGHT in front of the man himself. And things just got better - about halfway through the show, he decided to get a little bit closer, and climbed ONTO our table and sang "I Know Y'Know I Know" standing on our table!! Only problem was we were a bit worried the table would collapse - he was getting pretty into the song, and we had to rescue our drinks to stop them sliding off the table altogether. And then he lay down on the table, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, so that our faces were about 6 inches apart, and sang TO ME. And touched my face when he finished the song. Whooooooaaa, good thing I was sitting down, or my knees would have collapsed!! Unbelievable!!!

Still got a goofy grin on my face :)


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