Friday, November 21, 2003

The Final Countdown!

It's my final day at my current job today...can't believe the last 9 months has zipped past so quickly!! It's been a little strange, as I've known from the word go that my secondment to this agency was always just that, and I wouldn't have to deal with the consequences of my work efforts (or lack thereof) into the indefinite future...except, of course, that I'll be dealing with this agency as a client when I'm back at my permanent job. (Which won't be until January - yippeeee!!! Here I come, LA, Canada, Hawaii!!!)

It's kind of a weird feeling, knowing that you're leaving a job for sort of reminds you of how replaceable you are, that things will just roll on as usual once you've gone, without anyone really noticing that you're not there anymore...makes you feel a little insignificant, really. But then, on the bright side, once I'm out of here I won't have to deal with Einstein's witty repartee every more insightful comments like "you're the teaspoon of sugar that sweetens my soul" more hearing how him and the Real Einstein have a lot in common, as they have the same IQ... Thank You God!!

Bring on the farewell lunch & drinks :)


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