Friday, November 14, 2003

Horror Movie (right there on my TV...)

OK, well maybe not a horror movie, but pretty close... the plague of the 21st century, yep, you guessed it, reality TV. For the most part I've managed to resist the fly-on-the-wall lure of shows like Big Brother, Survivor and The Mole, preferring to stick mainly to the good ol' stock standard classic soapies, like the Bold and the Beautiful, Neighbours and, looking more and more like a soap now, the Bill.

However, recently I've been dabbling my toes a bit in the dreaded reality TV genre... I'm ashamed to say I watched the entire series of the Bachelor III (thank God that Andrew chose Jen - I couldn't believe that bitchy, backstabbing, catty Kirsten made it through to the final round!! Boo, hiss!!) and I've been watching Australian Idol too (though I very nearly threw in the towel when Paulini was kicked off - what a travesty!!). I must say that the show really needs to shop around for its hosts a little more carefully next time - Andrew G and James Mathieson drive me around the twist every time they open their bloody stupid mouths. "Don't forget, Austrayyyya, if you wanna see YOUR favourite back here next week, you've JUST GOTTA VOTE". And don't get me started on the Monday night episode where Cosima pulled out. But despite my whingeing, I know I'll be watching the final showdown to see Guy win the title...

Anyways, I just came across an article in the UK paper the Sun, describing a new reality TV series that has been filmed, but there is a bit of controversy about whether it should actually be aired, with some of the contestants taking legal action to prevent its screening...the name of the proposed show is There's Something About Miriam, and the twist is that unbeknownst to the male suitors/contestants, the woman they are wooing is actually a "shemale"... Hilarious stuff!!! (especially when the contestants include a "champion kickboxer" and a "crack Commando"!!!)


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