Friday, November 28, 2003

Leaving on a Jet Plane

What an auspicious start to our holiday - Tamara and I are in Sydney airport at the moment, after a midnight horror flight from Perth... we arrived at around 6.30am, and waved Daniel off on a plane to Auckland (yuck, where's the sense in flying to LA via *Auckland*??) and were wondering how to pass the time... and Tamara mentioned that she had a couple of guest passes to the Qantas club lounge. Only hitch was that we couldn't get into the lounge without being attached to a member, and unfortunately, we didn't bring any members with us. So, we staked out the escalators leading up to the lounge, and we propositioned the first two guys we saw heading up to the lounge, who were more than happy to escort us in to the FIRST CLASS LOUNGE and have a couple of drinks with us!! Score, huh!! They've headed off now - to Chile, of all places, on a business trip - and Tamara and I have feasted on danishes and muffins, drunk to our hearts' content, and even had a SHOWER to freshen up (soooo lush!!). So I'm feeling much more prepared for the 14 hour flight to LA now... though the chances of getting any sleep are undoubtedly slim. We'll arrive at 6am (how bizarre - earlier than we arrived in Sydney!!), meet up with Daniel at LAX (he gets in an hour after us) and I guess wander the streets of LA for a while, soaking up that atmosphere!!

Anyways, I think our plane is boarding shortly...better stop hogging this computer (FREE internet access in the lounge - good stuff!!!)


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