Thursday, November 13, 2003

Runaway Train

Do you ever wake up with a song that you haven't heard in donkey's running around in your head?? How on earth does that happen?? This morning, it was that great Soul Asylum song (the only one that I know of by them)... and I have no idea where it came from. Maybe I dreamed of it and forgot that it was in my dream?? I know that I haven't heard it in a looooong time. And I can't think of any associations that would have brought it to mind... I remember that it was released when I was back in Year 8, in the pre-CD days when I used to sit by the radio on Saturday nights so I could tape all those cool songs off the Top 40, except those stoopid DJs would always start talking before the song finished and you'd get their crappy comments invading the last few bars - grrr, Mike Hammond, you suck!!! Nyeh, anyways...

So this is my new Blog, making me an official entity floating around somewhere in the ether, one of the thousands of faceless nameless people who feel somewhat more self-important by posting their mundane/inane/random thoughts in the public domain. I'm quite proud of myself actually, despite being almost totally computer illiterate (none of that programming mumbo-jumbo for me!) I managed to get a "comments" function happening - hopefully it'll do the trick :) I'm a little disappointed that I can't post pics to this site, though...or have any "side" pages, just the blog...I guess you can't expect too much when you're freeloading!!


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