Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Back to Life, Back to Reality

After 6 weeks of holidaying in LA, the Canadian rockies and Hawaiian islands, it seems like torture to come back to work...but here I am, third day into it, and still alive to tell the story. It feels a bit like starting a new job, coming back here after working 9 months elsewhere on a secondment, although I'm surprised at how static the organisation has been - in a staff of maybe 50, I think there are 3 new faces. There are no free offices here at the moment, so I've been temporarily assigned to a lovely corner office with a WINDOW (a rare and highly desirable commodity here - even if it does look out onto the Terrace rather than the river!) until the permanent (senior staff) occupant of this office gets back from leave in early Feb.

I haven't gotten around to printing out any of my trip photos just yet, or even downloading them... I'm looking forward to showing off my lovely shot of Tom Cruise taken at the Last Samurai premiere in LA!! Sad as it is to admit it, I have to say that being within a metre of Tom was one of the highlights of the trip - what a dead sexy man he is. I've had a thing for him dating back to my first viewing of Top Gun (who could forget that beach volleyball scene, with him AND Val Kilmer - yum!), and although I'd cooled off a little since he split with Our Nicole (like all Aussies, knowing absolutely no facts about the matter, I consider that their split was undoubtedly all his fault, and Nic is blameless. What was he thinking, breaking the heart of a woman of Nicole's calibre?? Shame on you Tom!) he is still right up there.

So when we got the inside word from a guy at our LA hostel that the Last Samurai premiere was on, we bussed our way to the theatre it was screening at (no mean feat, using public transport in LA!) and positioned ourselves at the far side of the barricade cordoning off the red carpet, and hoped to catch a glimpse of the man... It was beyond belief when he actually approached us, and as I was trying to remember how to breathe, Tamara whipped out a dollar bill and ever so coolly asked for his autograph. He looked so hot, with his Last Samurai locks chopped back to short and spikey, and a bit of a five o'clock shadow. What a man!!

I guess I'll have to go see the movie now!

Oh, btw, the "comments" function of my blog is down at the moment - apparently there are some problems with the hosting of Blogspeak - hopefully back to normal soon, but till then you'll just have to hold your tongues!


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