Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Moving on Up

Well, it's official...I am off to Can-brrrrrr-a, our nation's lovely capital, for a 12 month work jaunt. It has all been organised so quickly - I got back to work here in Perth last Monday, thinking it would be back to business as usual, and my supervisor asked if I'd be interested in taking up a position working with the CEO and executive team in our Canberra office, and could I let him know my decision by the following day (!!!). I'd had a bit of advanced warning, as I was contacted (unofficially) while I was on holidays and told that this position may be available, but I had been pretty sure that the position would've gone to someone else by the time I got back.

So I had a chat to the Director of our office in Perth, and spoke to the person who just finished up in the position. It's a term position - they like to get fairly junior staff to act in the role and get a bit of experience, then move on so that someone else can give it a go for a year. I figured it sounds like a fantastic career move, hobnobbing with the big guns (and hopefully not getting them offside!), and I like the fact that it's gonna involve lots of project-based work relating to the inner cogs and wheels of the organisation. It's gonna be more of a sideways move than an upwards one (career wise and geographically!), but I don't mind this, as I'm not certain that this career is for me anyway.

So, I "expressed my interest" in taking up the position, and next thing I know, I've fallen into it! And because the position has been vacant for a little while (is this a bad sign??), they are keen to get me over to Canberra as soon as possible, which means starting work in Canberra in early Feb. When things happen around here (which is not all that often), by golly they happen fast!

I'm hoping I can handle 12 months in Canberra - I know it's not the most exciting city in the world, and has occasionally been described as somewhat sterile...but I think there'll be lots of young people in a similar situation to me, who are away from their home city and are transient, so hopefully it won't take too long to settle in and get to know a few people. And it's so close to Sydney and Melbourne - will be a great opportunity to catch up with some interstate friends on weekends!! But I am really gonna miss my family, and Perth friends, and the beach...


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