Friday, February 27, 2004

Our House

I officially have a new residence! It's a little old 3-beddie in a suburb called Garran, which is a 10-min drive from the city, and from Barton, where I'm working. I moved in on Wednesday night, and all my belongings from Perth were delivered yesterday morning. It was kinda exciting to open up the cartons and unpack it all - I had forgotten half of the stuff that I'd decided to bring over!! Almost like Christmas, except all the boxes were for me! So many clothes - it's great to have more than 3 shirts to choose from.

I'm sharing the house with 2 other girls (who are sisters), and a little black and white terrier called Max. I suspect the house was built in the features lovely greeny-yellow pile carpet, and my room has fantastic orange curtains. My orange-and-brown striped blanket (donated by my mother) matches just perfectly, and overall the room would do quite nicely as a set for the Brady Bunch. BUT on the plus side, I have a HUGE amount of wardrobe and cupboard space, and I have two big windows and ducted gas heating, which I'm sure will come in very handy in those "mild" winter months.

I've done well with my housemates, too - at the risk of jinxing it, I think we're gonna get along pretty well. The first night in the house, I went out to meet up for coffee with a friend who was over from Perth, and when I got home (quite late), I found the girls had left a doona, pillow and sheets in my room for me - they saw the bare bed, and figured that I wouldn't have any linen until the next day when my stuff was delivered. Nice, huh! :) And they've invited me to go for a drink with them and *another* sister tonight - I'm feeling like part of the family already!!


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