Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Freak Out!

I don't consider myself to be overly squeamish or to have an excessive phobia of any kind of creepy crawlies. OK, so maybe I would stand on a chair and yell to my Dad for help if one of those disgusting, huge, flying cockroaches appeared near me, but they really are the most repulsive insects. And aside from cockroaches, I'm fine with all manner of multi-legged fauna.

You know there's a "but" coming, right...

My Monday morning shower was as enjoyable as Monday morning showers generally are. You know how it're half awake and you know you need to make it quick coz you're already running late for work, but it's a pretty chilly morning (we *are* in Canberra, remember) and the hot water is just I put off getting out of the shower as long as possible, before finally reaching for my towel. I flung it around my shoulders, and started drying off...and noticed that a HUGE scary brown spider was crawling on the towel, and was about 3 inches from my face! I didn't even have time to scream, just gasped and managed to flick the spider off the towel and into the shower (where I am afraid it suffered an unfortunate death by drowning).

I was shaking for about 10 mins afterwards, and for the rest of the day I felt phantom spider legs crawling all over me - up my leg, in my hair, across my arm... I developed a real spider paranoia. And to make it worse, when I got home from work that day and recounted my traumatic experience to my flat mate, she was like "oh, yeah, I noticed last night that there were two massive spiders on the ceiling in the hallway..." - TWO??!?! You mean there's another one lurking around the house somewhere, waiting for an unsuspecting foot to be inserted into a shoe, or hiding amongst the blankets on an unmade bed, or....eeeek! There are so many great hiding places for a spider in my room!!

The spider looked something like this - I think you'll agree that any rational person would be freaked out to find one of these sitting inches from their face!

[As an aside, if you're into gruesome stuff, while I was trying to find a pic of my spider friend, I came across this interesting piece about the victim of a brown recluse spider bite - thankfully it's a spider not found in Australia! Though we have the icky funnel web monster to compete...]


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