Monday, March 08, 2004

I Don't Like Mondays

Weekend wrap:

- Cary Grant was always such a suave charmer, a real gentleman... there's something so lovely about watching a movie where the male lead is a gorgeous, clean cut smooth talker who wears a suit and tie the entire length of a film (even when he's getting it on with the love interest) and whose most profane line is "Why the devil have you brought me here?!".

- My hair is short again. Not as short short as it has been before, but pretty close... I love it! Tip re getting a haircut - don't wear sleeper earrings - the hairdresser's comb kept getting caught in them which was really annoying!

- My (second hand) $125 Phillips 300L fridge is being delivered to my house this evening. Yay for cold milk, juice and veg!

- The bike riding didn't go so well. Ie, the bike didn't leave the house. Well, it was raining for much of the weekend - that's my excuse, anyway. Ditto for the swimming.

- Chocolat was a fantastic book - highly recommend it - although I wasn't quite satisfied with the ending. I might have to rent the video now.

- French homework all done. Tres bien. (This is the first time I've done it before the class...)

- I now own a new charcoal grey suit from Portmans - tailored jacket and knee length skirt. Nice new work shoes, too - mary jane style.

- I should learn to read my emails properly. I was running late for High Tea at the Hyatt (had been to look at the 2nd hand fridge, and got hopelessly lost driving around one of Canberra's outer suburbs...) and when I messaged the organiser to say I'd be there soon, she rang to let me know that I was actually running two weeks early...

- Fireworks are good, but not so good to watch when it's drizzling with rain. On the other hand, drinks at the Wig & Pen are ideal on a rainy Saturday night.

- Canberra actually has some decent wineries. Plenty of good tastings were to be had a the Taste of Canberra festival on Sunday, including some delicious fruit wines - wooded apple, and cherry were my favourites.

...and now it's back to work...if you're bemoaning how bad your boss is, check out some of the comments on this blog entry, on the topic of the most insane thing your boss has said to you.


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