Tuesday, March 16, 2004

My Guy

I am happy to say that there is a new boy in my life. We only met on the weekend, but I think I can safely say that he's already stolen my heart. He's just gorgeous - cute, athletic, clever, and he makes me laugh. I just know that he's gonna be an important part of my life from now on.

He's a bit of a bed hogger, though.

His name is Oscar, and he's an 8 week old ginger and white kitten. I saw him in the window of a pet shop in Woden Plaza on Saturday, and just couldn't resist his sweet little face - half an hour later, he was mine. I've been wanting to get a cat ever since I moved out of home and left Sooky behind, but my parents always managed to talk me out of it - a pet will tie you down, it'll make it harder to find somewhere to rent, you won't be able to go on holidays, you won't be able to move overseas - and as always, my parents are right...but it's much easier to ignore their good advice from the other side of the country!! And I think my hankering to get a kitty was exacerbated by recently reading a few cat-friendly blogs, like Web Goddess (who also acquired a kitty recently), Myrr Purrs and Catboy.

Anyways, I am over the moon to have a beautiful kitty in my life again. He's settling in to the house well (although he hasn't quite sussed out Max, the dog, properly yet - he still arches his back and fluffs up his little tail when the dog is around - but I think he's getting better). He's very adventurous, and quite a skilled climber - he has struggled his way up to the top of my clothes airer a few times, to catch those pesky socks - and he's already affectionate, and purrs for no reason at all. Love him to bits!

In other weekend news, the French Film Festival opened on Friday night, with a brilliant film - Bon Voyage. I can't speak highly enough about it - anyone in an Australian city other than Canberra, please go to see it when the FFF arrives in your city - you'll love it! Well I did, anyway.


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