Wednesday, March 03, 2004

What's new pussycat?

If you live in South Australia, your days for eating cats and dogs are numbered. In October last year, the Summary Offences (Consumption of Dogs and Cats) Bill was introduced in SA Parliament - it has just passed both houses and is awaiting royal assent. The Bill provides that human consumption of meat from a cat or dog, or preparation of meat from cats or dogs for human consumption, is an offence, with a maximum penalty of $1250 fine. A similar bill has been introduced in Victoria.

Hmmm, I love cats and dogs, and abhor cruelty to animals generally, but it strikes me as a little ridiculous that a law is being passed to prohibit people from EATING them - why exactly do they feel it's necessary to pass a law like this?? Is eating cats and dogs such a widespread practice?? And how exactly does one go about policing a law like this?? And what about guinea pigs, birds and aquarium fish???


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