Tuesday, April 27, 2004

And the winner is....Syd-e-nee!!

Well, I launched off on my 2nd road trip from Canberra this weekend - against all caution from my parents ("Take the bus!! You'd be crazy to drive to Sydney!! You'll get completely lost once you hit the city!!") I drove to Sydney to visit my lovely and hospitable friend David. And I am proud to say that, mainly due to Dave's step-by-step instructions on how to get to his place in North Sydney, I didn't get at all lost. Although I did manage to cross the Harbour Bridge 3 times - but I meant to, really! It was all part of the tourist experience.

The weather was just perfect (mid 20s, while in Canberra it was a wintery 10 degrees) - the sun was shining, the bees were buzzing (or was that the traffic??) and all that. It was incredible to be in such a huge, hyper city - it could swallow up Canberra 10 times over without a ripple. And Sydney really makes the most of its beautiful harbour and waterfront areas, with high rise apartments and residential housing all around the huge harbour.

David was a wonderful tour guide and took me to see all the cool Sydney spots. We had a wander along the trendy (and very gay) Oxford Street, and witnessed the end of a property auction - it was a little old shoebox of a 2-bedroom house just off the main strip, which went for a cool $1.02m. Was very impressed with the auctioneer's racetrack-style commentary, sharp pin-striped suit and the gavel he used to seal the deal.

Had a drink at the Opera House Bar, checked out Darling Harbour and Circular Quay, wandered through the city and ambled along Bondi Beach. And David was the perfect host - he even cooked up a delicious hot brekkie on Sunday morning! Take note, boys - preparing a breakfast of sausages, eggs and tomatoes is a sure-fire way to impress the girls :)

I decided to take a slight detour on the drive home from Sydney - I saw a sign on the Hume Highway for the "Wombeyan Caves" and decided to check them out. So I drove through Mittagong, a pretty town in the Southern Highlands area of NSW, and ended up on a narrow, contorted, bumpy and dusty road to Wombeyan. It was incredibly picturesque - there were some spectacular views of valleys and of a river far below - but the drive was quite exhausting, as for the hour and a half it took, I was constantly concentrating on the road and worrying that I would meet a car coming the other way around a blind curve.

I took a self-guided tour through the Fig Tree Cave, which has motion-sensors to illuminate feature areas of the cave when you approach them. It was a bit eerie to be walking through the cave on my own, but it was quite gorgeous, with lots of stalactites and stalagmites and a beautiful cavern area called the Opera House Stage - although I kept wondering if the bats that were rumoured to live in there were going to drop a nasty surprise on me!

The road from the caves back to Goulburn was much better than the windy hills road, being sealed and smooth - but I think I saw a speed camera flash on my way through the town...

Maybe I should've taken the bus.


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