Wednesday, April 28, 2004


I just came across a news headline that read "Same-sex marriage ban not about gays, says PM". Hmm, I thought. If it's not about gays, what is it about???

But I bit my tongue, thinking - well, maybe Johnny is saying that it's about children rather than specifically about gays. Y'know, the old (and in my view, very flawed) argument that it's not in the best interests of a child of either sex to be brought up by either two men or two women, because they won't have a positive, STRAIGHT role model to look up to, and will miss out on either male or female influences. And maybe in some way, allowing gay marriages increases the likelihood that children will be raised by same-sex parents (I haven't looked into adoption law requirements).

I went on to read the article. The "best interests of the kids" argument is not even the basis of the PM's comment - according to the article, Mr Howard stated: "The proposal would be to simply insert a definition in the Marriage Act which gives formal expression to what most people regard to be the case - and that is (that) marriage... is between a man and woman. This is not directed at gay people. It's directed at reaffirming a bedrock understanding of our society."



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