Friday, May 28, 2004

Cold as Ice

It was a chilly night last night in Canberra. Our house has ducted gas heating, which is fantastic, but we don't leave it on overnight, so the temperature has usually dropped quite a bit by the morning. And despite the wool underlay on my bed (a necessary investment that I made about 2 weeks ago), and my feline hot water bottle, I woke up FREEZING this morning - my breath was fogging up INSIDE the house!

And when I ventured outside at around 7.30 to head to work, my car was covered in a fine white layer of frost, for the first time ever. The wipers did nothing to get rid of it, so I had to go back inside and get a bucket of lukewarm water to throw over the windscreen. As I was driving to work, the temperature gauge thingy in my car was reading -1.5 degrees. But the sun was blazing away - such a strange contrast, to have blue skies and bright sunshine, but freezing cold temperatures!

Thank God it's Friday - I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and reading some more of Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" - it's nearly as good as "The Da Vinci Code", which I couldn't put down! A good, fast-paced, interesting read. Although both books raise some interesting theories/issues about Christianity, and particularly the Catholic church.

Oh, and happy birthday wishes to Joanne!


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