Friday, June 04, 2004

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

There are some pretty horrendous breakup stories to be read here - hoping I never have one to compete!

Speaking of relationships, my two flatmates, who were both single when I moved into the house, have since found themselves boyfriends. Which I don't have a problem with...except that one of them is virtually living at our house now. Nice enough guy, but I'm getting a bit sick of him being there EVERY night when I get home from work...And I can't understand that they don't get totally sick of each other - not only do they spend every spare minute together, they also work AT THE SAME place, and he is now her supervisor.

Maybe this is why I'm still single - but I can't STAND the thought of spending 24 hours a day with one person - I think I'd go nuts! I really value time to myself, and a bit of variety in who I spend time with, far too much.

Our house is going to be packed to the rafters tonight - me, my two flatmates, flatmate's bf, flatmate's dog Max, my cat Oscar, and flatmates' mother and her dog Tonka.



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