Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hunting High and Low

Update on the housing situation - just in case you were worried that in a mere two weeks I would be sleeping under a leafless tree on a cold Canberra street and waking up each morning covered in frost, you can set your mind at rest, as I have a found a new place to call home - yay!

But let me say that it has not been an easy process - I sent off a million and one emails last week to every "household seeking person" advertisement that I could find. And the replies came back in one of 3 forms:
- You sound like you'd be a great flatmate, but sorry, we've already filled the room.
- You sound like you'd fit into our house perfectly, and we love cats, but our lease doesn't allow any pets.
- We're not really animal people, but if you were willing to ditch the cat, we'd be pleased to have you.

I never thought that owning a cat would be such an impediment to renting a place - I mean, honestly, how much damage can a cat do?? (Well, OK, he HAS peed in the corner of my room once or twice, but only because he's so attached to me that he didn't want to leave my room to find his litter tray... ;) And how is it humanly possible to not like cats??

But to cut a long story short, I've been offered a room in a townhouse in Swinger Hill. Isn't that just the coolest name for a suburb??! The name was, of course, the biggest factor in choosing this place - that and the fact that my options were extremely limited!!! I will be living with a young guy and a girl, who both seem pretty laid back and friendly. And who are not a couple and aren't in relationships!! The townhouse is quite old and a bit dodgy, but the rooms are a good size, it's about the same distance from work as the place I'm currently in, and best of all, I will be paying only $90 rent per week. For Canberra, that is incredibly cheap - Canberra rental rates rival Sydney's, and definitely outstrip Melbourne's. (For a tiny one bedroom, unfurnished flat in one of the non-inner suburbs of Canberra, you'd expect to pay a min of $180 a week - just crazy!!)

So there you have it - the big move will be happening not this weekend but the following one. And thankfully, since I left most of my crap with my (long-suffering) parents in Perth, it shouldn't be too arduous a process!!

And back to the place I am living in at the moment - I just want to say - for God's sake, if you're moving out with your boyfriend, and you WORK together every day of the week, can you not BEAR to be apart for ONE SINGLE NIGHT of the week?? Driving me absolutely freaking nuts. You know, I think this being abandoned by the flatmates may really be a blessing in disguise...but of course, that doesn't stop me from resenting being ditched!! :) Hand me those voodoo dolls... ;)


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