Friday, June 11, 2004

I'm too sexy...

No, no, not me, silly! (I have no delusions there...) I am talking about my sleek, uber-chic, ultra-compact, awesome, shiny new Apple Powerbook!!! I'd been thinking about salary sacrificing a laptop for a while - finally got around to organising it last week. It was delivered about an hour ago. Perfect timing - am looking forward to playing with it on the long weekend!

Thanks to all you wonderful people for the birthday wishes - I am feeling quite spoilt! Special thanks to Al, Jo, Tam and Nads for the flowers and choccies, which were delivered to my work - so no doubt all my workmates are now thoroughly impressed by my gorgeously romantic and lavish secret admirer ;)

And as for the grand 1/4 of a my family keeps reminding me, when I was a wordly teenager, I was convinced I would be married by the time I was 25. It seemed to me that by the time I was *that old* I would have everything worked out - I'd have the ideal job and would be advancing up the ranks, I'd be on the way to owning my own house, and I'd speak 3 different languages and have travelled the world over. Obviously the next step to completing my happiness would be to get married to my spunky, funny, intelligent and sensitive boyfriend, who I would have been dating for at least a year or so. Of course - it was predestined to be that way.


Maybe in the next 25 or so??


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