Sunday, June 20, 2004


Well, this is the first time I've accessed the internet from home, from my laptop! I have been feeling guilty lately about posting entries from work - and it gets exceedingly difficult to do so with my workstation right outside the CEO's office door. So I should be posting more regularly, from home, now.

I spent a fantastic weekend in Sydney - many thanks to Dave again for his hospitality. We spent Saturday wandering along the shopping strip on trendy Oxford St (does the entire gay male population of Sydney work and/or shop on Oxford St??!?), and I nabbed a couple of bargains from FCUK. They have some great shirts - I picked up one I thought quite appropriate, reading "moody fcuk".

Dave and I and a friend who was visiting from PNG had dinner in a hip 'n' happening Greek restaurant on Macquarie St. It was your typically classy Greek joint, with a wall mural of cheesy Grecian scenery. There were a couple of birthday parties going on there, and about halfway through our dinner, the owner of the restaurant came out to stir things up a bit. He got the birthday boys and girls out onto the dancefloor for a Zorba dance, complete with plate smashing - and when he invited everyone to join in, Dave and I couldn't resist getting up there to throw a few plates. And it really is strangely satisfying to smash plates to smithereens. I highly recommend giving it a go!! The dancing continued after the plate smashing, and our table of Perthians had a song dedicated to us before we left - Wild Wild West. Tacky, yes, but those Greeks sure do know how to have fun!

We ventured on to a couple of Sydney's clubs - on Oxford St, and then on to King's Cross. Lots of good music, alcohol and dancing - ending up in a very late, and excellent, night, and very sore feet.

The hitch to an almost perfect weekend came when I arrived home. You remember my bitching about my flatmate's boyfriend ALWAYS being at our house? Well, karma has come back to bite me - my flatmate is moving out with him, and my other flatmate (they are sisters) is going with them.

So, my options are to stay in this house and find some new flatmates (and get a TV, washing machine, freezer, cutlery, crockery, pans, couch, table...) or to find a household that will take me and Oscar in. And I have 2 weeks to sort something out.

Both of my flatmates have assured me that their moving has nothing to do with me - and that they'll help me to find somewhere else or get flatmates as much as they can. But despite me understanding them moving, I can't help but take it personally, and feel hurt and let down. I don't want to have to socialise or even talk with them now, and I feel that the sooner I get out of here, the better. I know it's childish, but I have never been able to handle rejection well. If you don't want me around, well fine, I'll get out of your life and quit inconveniencing you as soon as I can.

Time to start a-huntin'.


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