Monday, June 28, 2004

My Friend the Chocolate Cake

...are the most wonderful live act ever! I went to see them perform last week at Tilley's (which is a funky cabaret-style venue in Canberra, with plush red interior and lots of tables and booths. It used to be a "men by invitation only" club - a nice change, huh! - it's owned by a couple of lesbian ladies. I think the bar staff are still all female.)

For those of you unfamiliar with MFTCC, they are a local outfit made up of a cellist, violinist, lead singer & pianist, drummer and mandolin player. Their music is sorta hard to describe - kinda folky, very acoustic and melodic (if you're an Aussie, you would have heard their song "The Romp" on AMP commercials)... and they are incredible live performers! They are just great to watch - they have a real tangible passion for their music, and they enjoy playing with each other so much - it's great to see them exchanging grins while they're putting their heart and soul into the music. You just can't help but smile as you listen to their music, and despite having to head out into the chilly cold air at the end of the night, I left (after a SEVEN song encore!!) with a light heart and a grin on my face.

If you haven't seen MFTCC perform live before, and you ever get the opportunity, PLEASE take it up. Even if it's just to see the violinist's (Hope, aka "the violin pixie", according to someone in the audience...) trademark awesome clogs and tiara.

Trust me. They're great.


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