Monday, June 07, 2004

Young Girl

I went to get my hair cut on the weekend - just a trim, as it was getting a little mullet-like at the back (and I am extreeeemely paranoid about looking like I have a mullet!). I'm a bit dissatisfied with it actually, I'm looking a little "pumpkinhead"ish at the moment. Not good.

Conversation with the hairdresser (at Woden Plaza - I've been there a couple of times before):

Her: Do you work around here? You look very familiar, I'm sure I've seen you before.

Me: No, but you've cut my hair before, so that might be why you recognise me.

Her: Oh, ok. So what do you do?

Me: Ummm [I hate it when people ask what I do]... I'm a lawyer.

Her: Really??!?? But you look too young, you have such a baby face!! Do they take you seriously???

Me: Well, maybe some of the time...

Her: So how old are you?

Me: 25....(in a few days...eek!)

Her: Wow, you look like you're just out of school...

Well, I suppose it's better than one of my colleagues telling me recently that I have a massive patch of grey hairs at the back of my head!!

And if you're bored, try out this little game - petals on the roses. (Got it on my 4th guess - doesn't bode well, since apparently the smarter you are, the longer it takes!) [Link courtesy of Web Goddess]


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