Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I am now officially a resident of Swinger Hill - oh yeah! Did the big move on Saturday, and I realised that I have accumulated a surprising amount of junk over the last 5 months. I guess it's just my nature as a hoarder...No, I can't throw away that [shirt that I haven't worn for 3 years/teapot that I don't use since I don't drink tea/water filter jug that I can't find a filter for anywhere] - I might just need it some time!! Thankfully the new place is just around the corner from the ex-house, so the 3 car trips weren't too much of a hassle.

Good signs already re the new flatmates - they love Oscar, which is a big relief! I've been keeping him inside the house for the past couple of days to make sure he's not gonna run away, so he's had lots of pent up energy just waiting to explode in the form of:
- "helping" with the ironing - chasing the cord and jumping up on the ironing board
- catnapping the balls of wool that my flatmate is trying to knit a scarf with
- chasing and unravelling the toilet paper
- tearing around the house like a crazy thing and pouncing on unsuspecting feet/fingers/heads.
But my flatmates have been very patient and are still insisting that he's "awwwww, so gorgeous!" which is definitely a good thing :)

We have our final inspection at the old house on Thursday. I stopped around there last night after dinner to finish off "my share" of the cleaning, and was happily scrubbing away at the shower, pondering over the day I'd had...And I started thinking about Robert's ghost stories. Suddenly the empty old echoey, shadow-filled house took on a rather menacing atmosphere, with evil presences lurking down the plughole, in the cupboard, outside the doorway, and just over my shoulder. It's amazing how your imagination runs wild once you have an idea in your head...I actually started singing songs out loud to try to lighten my mood a bit - I'm sure I scared away the neighbours, if not any malevolent ghosts!

No more ghost stories, methinks.


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