Thursday, July 15, 2004

Congratulations... my big sister, who has just accepted an exciting job offer with an engineering company in Christchurch! She'll be heading across the Tasman in mid-August, and will be on a 12 month contract with the company. A very gutsy decision - she's been hoping and talking about moving to NZ for some time, but I guess it will take a little while for it to sink in that she's really going.

I think it's a huge deal to move away from the city you've spent the last 20+ years in - and I don't think you can really appreciate what it actually entails until you've done it yourself. I know that moving to Canberra from Perth doesn't sound like such a big thing - but I remember the first little while I spent here, wondering why on earth I had moved to this unfriendly city, when all my friends and family and everything I'd ever known were a 5 hour plane flight away...But things improved steadily from the time I arrived, and now I feel pretty comfortable here - I've made a few friends, feel like I sorta know what I'm doing at work, and generally have things to do on the weekends... and it's wonderful to know that you can move to a whole new city on your own and survive.

And I know that my sis will do more than just survive in Christchurch - she will have a ball! Watch out spunky NZ men!!

But she's not allowed to pick up a dodgy kiwi accent ;)


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