Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Chained to the wheel

Have you ever seen something that was at once awful and yet just hilarious?

Picture this...

You're out for dinner on a Saturday night with your significant other, in a trendy part of Canberra. You finish up an enjoyable meal and coffee, decide it's time to head home and make your way back through the cold Canberra night to the multi-storey car park where you left your car...and find that it is PROPPED UP BY BRICKS AND MISSING FOUR WHEELS.

This was the experience of some unfortunate Canberrans who had a night out in Manuka on the weekend. We had been out to dinner at a Turkish restaurant, and were driving out of the carpark at about 10pm. On the ground level, there was a green Subaru, its side balanced precariously on two stacks of bricks and its nose leaning against the car park wall. It must've been a crack team who removed the wheels, coz the car was in a pretty obvious spot - they wouldn't have wanted to waste any time getting in and out - they must have been prepared and looking for an easy target.

Anyone looking for some hot mag wheels??


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