Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Good Mornin'

I would really love to be a morning person, like my flatmate, who spends an hour at the gym every morning before getting to work at 7.30am, instead of being a night owl and an habitual sleeper-innerer. I always feel great when I do manage to get up earlier than usual and make a good start to the day. There's something cool about being the first one to arrive at get to switch on all the lights (how exciting! ;), use the coffee machine first, and start work in peace and quiet without the distractions of ringing phones, beeping emails and noisy people in the area.

On the rare occasions that I do manage to get into work early, I feel like I'm getting a head start on everyone else, and I plan to achieve SO MUCH in the extra time that I have. But inevitably I am totally unproductive, and don't get anything done - because I feel so good that I made the effort to get up early, and think I can afford to spend a bit of time surfing the net and emailing. This morning, I got in to work at the ungodly hour of 7.30 (very early around these parts!) as I caught a lift to work with my flatmate. And have I managed to get through all the work I wanted to before leaving for Melbourne (for a conference and a weekend of culture and shopping - wheeeee!!)? Not a bloody chance. But I have managed to read several news sites, catch up on a few blogs and emails and do a bit of internet banking.

Pah, I think getting up early just encourages inefficiency :)


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