Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Love this city

Have I mentioned before how much I like Melbourne? I really like Melbourne. It's got such a great vibe about it - so much friendlier and more relaxed than Sydney, and so much more vibrant and happening than Perth (and, dare I say, Canberra). And it's only an hour from Canberra, flying on a little Dash-8. [Incidentally, you get a great aerial view of the whole of Canberra from a Dash-8 - it looked just like a sculpted map, and I could point to my house!]

I spent Wed, Thurs and Fri at a work conference, and stayed at the Stamford Plaza, which is rather nice (the baths have spa jets in them!!). It was good to mix with young lawyers from some of our other offices, including some of my colleagues from Perth (and good to catch up on all the Perth goss!).

I stayed on for the weekend and Monday with a friend from high school, who lives in a sharehouse in Kew. We spent most of the weekend shopping and eating (so many great restaurants!), and on Saturday night, she took me to a heavy metal club for a farewell for one of her friends. I must say my expectations were not very high, but it wasn't as bad as I expected - the music was a bit "lighter" than I thought it would be (they even played a bit of Cypress Hill!), and there were refreshingly few skimpily clad teenage girls in the crowd, and not too many really scary types. But a few hours was definitely enough for me :)

My friend was working on Monday, so I had to find my own way around. I'm proud to say I caught the tram from her house in to the city all by myself! ;) Spent the day wandering through the CBD, discovering hidden laneways, obscure shops and soaking up that wonderful Melbourne atmosphere.

And now I'm back at work...*sigh*


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