Thursday, September 30, 2004

Hungry Like the Wolf

I'm heading out to dinner tonight - off to a Thai restaurant in the city...Mmmm, I love Thai food. One of the best things about Canberra is that there is no lack of fantastic restaurants. I think I read somewhere that Canberra has more restaurants per capita than any other city in Australia - and they are always jam packed. You'd have no hope of getting into a restaurant here on a Friday or Saturday night if you haven't booked.

I'm a little apprehensive about this dinner. It's to farewell a guy who was seconded to work in Canberra for a few months, and is now heading home to Adelaide. I only know him very vaguely, and have met a couple of the other people who'll be there once or twice through a friend (who won't be there). I find the girl who organised the dinner a wee bit intimidating - she's one of those loud and opinionated, but very intelligent sorts, who has a wonderful gift of making people in her presence feel like right idiots. But I am determined to be cool, witty and charming tonight - yes, I CAN be socially competent...

Friday, September 17, 2004

Dream Lover

A bit of fun for a Friday morning... try out this test - to find out who is your dream celebrity date. Mine is Pierce Brosnan - "You lust after the more sophisticated man. He's charming and will always sweep you off your feet". Oh, yeah!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Show them You Care
(AKA How to Get Your Human out of Bed at 5am when You want to Play)

By guest blogger Oscar

Y'know, humans can be lazy creatures sometimes. Not like us cats, who are always keen to get a good start to the day by getting up bright and early in the morning. It can be hard to convince your human that they want to play at 5am, but if you show them that you care about them, they'll be willing to give you a little bit in return. Here are my top tips on how to get that lazy human out of bed - coz we all know, when you gotta play, you just gotta play!

1) Humans love affection. They really love being kissed on the face - especially with a cold, wet nose. What a great way to start the day, getting kisses from your favourite feline!

2) Humans also enjoy getting close to their cats. They love it when you cuddle up to them, and they appreciate you sitting on them to keep them warm. It is best to sit on exposed parts of their body - such as their face - for this purpose.

3) To show your human that you want to play, it's a good idea to do some "warm up" play activities. Forget that fake mouse that your human bought for you - PLASTIC BAGS make the best toys. Pick one that makes a really loud rustling noise, and chase it around your human's bedroom a few times, being careful to not let it get away.

4) When you're done with the plastic bag, it's time to show your human that you love their favourite things as much as they do. Find your human's favourite pair of leather shoes, and give them a bit of a chew. Remember, bite marks show that you care.

5) In the event that your human takes away the shoes, you should move on to something else equally enjoyable to chew. Like that white cord connecting their laptop to the wall. Or, if your claws are feeling a little blunt, you could sharpen them on the side of your human's mattress.

6) If all else fails, you may have to take drastic measures. Leave your human's bedroom, go sit at the bottom of the stairs, and do your best Celine Dion impersonation. Threatening your human's housemates' sanity in addition to your human's is a sure fire way to get their attention!

Happy playing!
Oscar xxx

Friday, September 03, 2004

Friday on my mind

The last couple of weeks have been pretty unremarkable...I haven't been posting here because I haven't really had anything interesting to say :) Life has just been rolling on as per usual. I've developed somewhat of a DVD addiction, due to my flatmate owning a DVD player and having a large number of "very legitimate" DVDs to watch. Plus the weather in Canberra is pretty conducive to staying inside, curled up on a couch with a blanket and a purring cat, watching TV. I've even started a small DVD collection of my own - my first purchase being the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice - oh! it's just so great...and Mr Darcy is just so lovely!! *swoon*

Since then, my collection has expanded to include a few Hitchcock movies, a superb French thriller (L'Appartement), and the old classics Breakfast at Tiffany's and To Catch a Thief. [A few of these were bought when I was looking for a Father's Day's funny, I'm much better at finding things that I want than presents for other people ;)]

This weekend is likely to be a bit more active, with my flatmate's 22nd birthday - we're off to Hog's Breath for dinner tonight (although I wanted to boycott the place - we tried to book a table there a couple of weeks ago, and were told they don't accept bookings of less than 6 people - can you believe that??!), and tomorrow night there is apparently going to be a big party at our house. Should be interesting, especially since Neilo is mixing up many litres of his "famous" goon juice...

A bientot.