Friday, September 03, 2004

Friday on my mind

The last couple of weeks have been pretty unremarkable...I haven't been posting here because I haven't really had anything interesting to say :) Life has just been rolling on as per usual. I've developed somewhat of a DVD addiction, due to my flatmate owning a DVD player and having a large number of "very legitimate" DVDs to watch. Plus the weather in Canberra is pretty conducive to staying inside, curled up on a couch with a blanket and a purring cat, watching TV. I've even started a small DVD collection of my own - my first purchase being the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice - oh! it's just so great...and Mr Darcy is just so lovely!! *swoon*

Since then, my collection has expanded to include a few Hitchcock movies, a superb French thriller (L'Appartement), and the old classics Breakfast at Tiffany's and To Catch a Thief. [A few of these were bought when I was looking for a Father's Day's funny, I'm much better at finding things that I want than presents for other people ;)]

This weekend is likely to be a bit more active, with my flatmate's 22nd birthday - we're off to Hog's Breath for dinner tonight (although I wanted to boycott the place - we tried to book a table there a couple of weeks ago, and were told they don't accept bookings of less than 6 people - can you believe that??!), and tomorrow night there is apparently going to be a big party at our house. Should be interesting, especially since Neilo is mixing up many litres of his "famous" goon juice...

A bientot.


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