Saturday, October 02, 2004

Love Letters

Amidst the pile of junk mail that arrived in our letterbox yesterday was this little gem - a flyer printed with black type on white A5 paper:

Important notice to all Canberrans

To a tall fair brunette, 23-25 in QUATTRO nightclub in the Summer of '99.

Always remembering you, shattered without you, and begging for a second chance to meet.

FROM: Guy with the black jacket and beard.

If you read this message and can forgive me, PLEASE leave a note at

If this sounds like someone in your household, please pass on this note.

- Forever missing you and begging your forgiveness.

Wow. This poor guy has been dwelling on someone whose name he doesn't know, who he met 5 YEARS ago, in a nightclub. And what on earth did he do to her that needs forgiveness, when he just met her?? "Forever missing you"??! I think he's been watching too many soppy movies.

I'm almost tempted to email him...


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