Thursday, November 04, 2004


Jesus. I didn't seriously think that bloody George W would be re-elected - how could the US really want this moron to be running their country, and holding more power than any other individual in the world? Very depressing, and scary - both the fact that he's back in, and that the US has APPROVED him and the 'achievements' of his previous term as President.

It's interesting to look at the exit polls from the US election - I guess they show pretty much what you would expect - that a large majority of:
- white people
- males
- people who earn more than $50,000
- Protestants and Catholics
- gun owners
- people who served in the military
voted for George W. And unsurprisingly, 88% of African-Americans, and 77% of gays/lesbians/bisexuals voted for Kerry.

Some other interesting stats from the exit polls:
- 60% of the voters in big cities voted for Kerry, vs 59% of the rural voters backing Bush
- 41% of those polled have a gun owner in their household
- 54% think America is safer from terrorism than it was 4 years ago
- and 55% think that Iraq war is part of the war against terrorism (huh??!? how??!)

There are some interesting views here on why Howard and Bush both increased their popular vote. This one rings particularly true to me:

Modern Western society is about individualism and individual gain, anything that challenges our ability to do that must be crushed. Stemming from this drive is a lack of compassion and willingness to compromise for those values are now considered weak. Given the recent decline in generally accepted morals and ethics people branch out to find them again, and the far right provides the most obvious answers that suit our quest for personal gain.

Bush and Howard embody those quests and they provide the quick, cheap, and easy solutions but accomodating the simplistic answers of the far right and neo-conservative thinking.

We will learn the cost sooner of later, and our children will pick up this mess...

Paul Twomey


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