Monday, November 01, 2004

Saturday Night at the Movies... (and Friday night, and Sunday night)

The Canberra International Film Festival started this weekend at Electric Shadows (the only 'alternative' cinema in Canberra). I've already watched 3 movies there - hey, there's not much to do in Canberra on a weekend ;) I love watching foreign films, mostly for the same reason that I really want to travel more, and enjoy reading other blogs - it's an opportunity to peer into a different world, and to get a taste of a life completely different to my little ol' boring one.

So, the movies I saw, in brief:

Ae Fond Kiss (Scotland)

I thought this one was cute, but nothing special - it kind of meandered around without any real purpose. It was a Romeo and Juliet-type story - set in Glasgow, a Pakistani boy falls in love with an Irish Catholic teacher. Boy is set to have an arranged marriage to his cousin, and knows his family won't be happy that he is involved with a non-Paki. Relationship problems ensue, between boy + family and boy + girl. Girl can't understand why boy won't stand up to his family.

I didn't really understand why boy wouldn't stand up to his family, either. Maybe because I can't imagine letting my family dictate the nationality or religion of the person I want to be with. But then again, I can't imagine losing my family because of my decision of who to date.

I never really got fully involved in the movie - the characters didn't seem to have much depth, and the relationship between Roisin and Casim was never really developed or explored. There were a few light and funny moments, though - overall, it was an easy movie to watch. I'd give it 3/5.

Garden State (USA)

I love it when I catch myself grinning goofily during a movie. I did that quite a lot while watching Garden State. It was written and directed by the lead actor - Zach Braff, who you may know better as J.D. from Scrubs. And he was just awesome in it! He played an emotionally numb mid-twenties small time actor, living in LA. He gets a phone call from his father, who he hasn't seen in years, telling him that his mother has died, and returns to his hometown for the funeral, bumping into guys he used to hang out with, and meeting a quirky and vivacious girl (Natalie Portman) who brings him to life.

Gorgeous, quirky and moving. Gets 4.5/5.

The Bottom of the Sea (Argentina)

This one is supposed to be a thriller, and starts off well, but loses its way about half way through. It's about Ezequiel (who is very handsome in a dark, brooding way), who has a beautiful girlfriend, Ana, who he is completely obsessed with - he can think of nothing but her, every minute of the day. He comes home one day and finds that she has slept with another man, and decides to follow her lover. He does this for a good portion of the film before eventual confrontation.

The Bottom of the Sea was a bit slow-paced, and I wasn't very satisfied with the ending. You can't help but sympathise with poor Ezequiel, though - my heart went out to him. And you can't help but hate Ana's new lover, who is the antithesis of Ezequiel.

3.5/5 for this one.

Tonight, I'm off to see 20:30:40. I think I may be all cultured-out by the end of the week...


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