Friday, November 05, 2004

So tired of waking up tired...

A cute, cuddly cat sleeps on your bed every night and is an excellent foot-warmer.

Not so good
Said cat has a sleep cycle of approximately 5 hours, and wakes you up every morning at 4am wanting to go outside.

Really freaking annoying
It is raining when you let said cat outside at 4am, and approximately half an hour later, when you have just drifted back to sleep, you are rudely awakened by piteous meowing outside your window, as cat has decided he wants to be back INSIDE.

After you have dragged yourself out of your warm bed to let said cat back inside because of fear that piteous meowing may wake flatmates, you are tempted to throttle not-so-cute-and-cuddly-anymore cat, who is now burning off energy by tearing around your room, knocking bottles of perfume off your dresser and attacking your feet.

Methinks he might be sleeping outside tonight.


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