Friday, December 10, 2004

The Drugs Don't Work

Worst things about being having a cold:
- Sore throat
- Drippy nose
- Headacheyness
- That painful sensation of being about to sneeze only resulting in sneezes 1/4 of the time
- Feeling guilty for calling in sick even though I really *am* sick
- The ever growing pile of work on my desk awaiting my return...

Best things about having a cold:
- Lots of sleeeeeep
- Mooching around home in PJs
- Not having to work!
- Buffyfest - watching 15 episodes of Buffy in 2 days (how much does Buffy rock!!)
- Catching up on 'quality' daytime TV like the Bold and the Beautiful (how is Ridge's son Thomas now 18??? And involved with Amber??!)

On balance, I think the good outweighs the bad. For a day or two, anyways. Had Wednesday and half of yesterday off work, but I think I'm almost over it now - and not a moment too soon, since we have our work Christmas party on tonight! Alcohol has a therapeutic effect, right??


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