Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Naked and Sacred

On a completely different note, how bizarro is The Naked News?? I know I'm a little behind the 8-ball here, but I stumbled across it for the first time on the weekend (on Foxtel). The presenters were all introduced, wearing bras and undies, and then the breaking news stories were read out by the two anchors in the studio:

"And news just in from the Middle East"... Slide down left bra strap
"Palestinians allege that Israeli soldiers have killed three Palestinian militants"...Slide down right bra strap
"in the West Bank town of Hebron."...Remove bra completely
"The Israeli army has refused to confirm the incident"...Down come the undies

??!? What. The. Hell?? How can these women be stripping down to their birthday suits while reading real, serious news stories?? And who watches this show?? Surely not anyone who has an actual interest in current affairs - how could they concentrate on what the newsreaders are saying?? And surely there are more 'stimulating' shows or videos for those who are hanging out for a bit of nudity??



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