Wednesday, December 01, 2004


A couple of semi-related links that I'm throwing out there for thought...

This one is a metafilter thread from a couple of days ago - the discussion is kicked off by a link to the blog of Ben, a 22yo DCer who is gay and is "turning away from homosexuality and turning towards God". Some interesting discussion in the thread about whether it is good that Ben is making his own 'choice' about his sexuality vs it is sad that his beliefs make him feel that he cannot be 'himself'.

This one is an article from the New Zealand Herald - talking about a recent report confirming mainstream Australia's attitudes towards gays and gay marriage. The only positive note for me in that article is that WA is (surprisingly) somewhat more progressive than the rest of Australia - being the only state that (legally) treats same-sex couples the same as married couples (aside from not recognising same-sex marriage). Though Tasmania (??!) is not too far behind.

EDIT: Ah, yes. When there's a good thing going, you can count on the Liberals to stuff it up. Colin Barnett has announced that if (most likely, when) the Liberals win the WA election (likely to be Feb), they will roll back WA's gay law reforms, and will increase the age of consent to 18, and bar same sex couples from adopting. Won't that be something to look forward to. You can read Colin Barnett's words of wisdom on the matter here. I'm not going to rant about it but needless to say his comments make me so angry - especially when he claims that the changes would not discriminate against same-sex couples but are rather aimed at protecting the institutions of society. Grrrrr, small-minded, bigoted people!


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