Saturday, April 30, 2005

Since Allen asked so nicely...

I'm not convinced that anyone is still checking this here blog, but if you are, you'll be pleased to know that I am indeed still alive, and haven't been sucked through a portal into some alternate dimension. Nope, Oscar and I have been back in Perth for nearly 3 months now (Sheesh! How time flies!) but I've been incredibly bad at catching up with Perthlings, and with keeping in touch with the peeps back in Canberra and on the east coast (and in Christchurch, too - sorry Beth!). Partly because I am a Bad Person, but mostly because I have been ridiculously insanely busy since I got back here. Some developments in the last 3 months, in a rambly list (coz you know I love my lists!!):

1. Moved into my sis's place in Scarborough, which is Teh Awesome. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed living in share houses last year...but I am so loving having some space to myself...being able to be as much of a slob as I like, not having to make conversation when I'm feeling tired/grumpy/incoherent, and the fact that the food I put in the fridge STAYS THERE until I eat it - these are things that I heartily appreciate. Plus, I can walk to the beach in, like, 15 minutes - and although I've only made the trip a few times, I love being able to do it. (Beach = home to me - I missed it so much in Canberra!!)

2. Am working 3 days a week back at the law firm. Well, technically working 3 days - as in, I usually work 4-5 days, but get paid for 3. The work is quite different to what I was doing before - but it's pretty interesting, and I have a lot of autonomy, which is nice (but also scary, since I mostly don't know what the heck I'm doing!) I'm hopeful that the workload will ease off a bit soon. Although the fact that one of my supervisors has just taken off on 6 months' long service leave is not a good sign...

3. Am 2 months into the Forensic Science course, which has been FANTASTIC so far. Anyone who happened to be snooping in my freezer would think I'm a little deranged, as I have a bunch of frozen insects sitting in there at the mo - the alternative, healthy and crunchy snack! I have to hand in an insect collection in a few weeks' time, which involves thawing, pinning and arranging prettily on a styrofoam display. We have a field trip for the same unit (entomology) next weekend - we head out to the "Body Farm" (at a secret location in Perth, I kid you not) where they have a whole bunch of pig corpses in various stages of decomposition, and we have to collect insects (ie maggots, mostly) from a corpse and analyse them to determine for how long the pig has been dead. Mmm, I'm thinking I might skip breakfast that day...

And really, that's about the sum total of my life at the moment...I have classes for 2-3 hours every night Mon - Thurs, and usually all day Saturday plus the odd Sunday, and on my free days, I'm usually catching up on sleep, working on assignments and trying to be marginally domesticated. I occasionally wonder if I'm nuts to have taken on $11k of debt and a 40% paycut to be doing this (usually, these thoughts cross my mind when I'm falling out of bed at 5.45am to get to work in time to have a full day there before leaving at 5pm to get to uni...) but I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end...right?? Right??!

I'll try my bestest to post again in less than 3 months' time, but if it's all silent on the Western front, you'll know why :)


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