Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling rageful

This makes me so fucking angry. The Federal government refuses to recognise that the concept of marriage can extend to same sex relationships, so the ACT government decides to legislate to allow civil unions between gay couples, so that they have the same rights as heterosexual couples. And so, the Federal government feels it has to step in to prevent this travesty from happening.

And Philip Ruddock's circular argument??

The law prescribes what a marriage is, and you don't work through a civil relationship, which we know and understand the States and Territories can deal with, to suggest that it is the equivalent of a marriage, when it's not.

In other words, 'the law' says that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Therefore, you can't have 'civil unions' allowing people the same rights, because then it would just be marriage under another name. And dammit, gay people can't get married!

Bigoted, homophobic, narrow-minded asshats. They're running our country, people!


  • At 10:48 pm, Anonymous Tamstar said…

    Yes that is shocking.

    I was also outraged today after seeing the picture of the seal clubbing (and that's not a seal sweating it at Ambar :P) in Canada on page 3 of the West. There was this gorgeous baby fur seal and this f*#ken idiot about to beat the shit out of it with a baton. (Please, Amie, the term "asshat" - lol - it just doesn't pack a punch for me). And I thought Canadians were nice! :P

  • At 1:00 am, Anonymous Graham said…

    Sorry to stay on topic ;)

    I think it should be noted that there was bipartisan support for the Marriage Act so its not just the Federal Govt.

    I agree about it being total bullshit - but at the same time, its obvious that the ACT government is basically trying to usurp the Commonwealths power. The constitution dictates that the Commonwealth has power over marriages, so unless a major change of thinking occurs in both parties I don't think its going to happen anytime soon. Answer - everyone vote the Democrats next elections hehe

    From the Australian, March 03, 2006

    Interestingly, Tasmania has legislated for same-sex registration, giving same-sex relationships equal status to heterosexual marriages under nearly all state laws, and covering areas such as property transfers and superannuation.

    Apparently, ACT had the option to attempt to legislate for same-sex marriage, civil union or same-sex registration. So at least the option for registration is there at worst. But I think it is a worst. Also I wonder why no other State (all labour led) has pushed for recognition of same sex relationships? (Is Labour still left wing?)

    Also from the same article it seems like Mr Ruddock has changed his tune.

    Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has said it would be unlawful for the federal Government to prevent states and territories from allowing gay unions. "The commonwealth has no power," he says. "I'm asserting that we've made it very clear what marriage means by amendments to the Marriage Act. I'm simply saying that if states ... want to structure a form of civil union, that is a matter for them."

    Wonder what made him change his thinking?

    Anyway thought i would finish with this quote from our own WA Senator Ross Lightfoot in 2004 - "If a bloke is allowed to marry a bloke, what's to stop a man marrying his E-type Jaguar."


  • At 4:41 pm, Anonymous john said…

    i've got the feeling, following the ru486 bill, that if more conscience votes were allowed - the pseudo fambimentalist first party member howard, would have a lot of his "dreaming of america" moral legislation changed with enough of the so called wet liberals voting with the majority of the labour party. unfortunately, unlikely to happen unless back bench liberals hold howard to ransom over more draconian ir changes.

  • At 12:53 am, Anonymous mintox said…

    I have no time for people who like some animals just cos they look cute.

    Fuck it, yeah i said it, people squash cockroaches every day or kill flies with fly spray which is the equivalent of chemical warfare, very inhumane. Yet cos a fuckin seal looks nice we cant beat it around the head with a shovel. Fuck that, the day that all you hypocrites stop killing insects is the day i stop wanting to smack a baby seal around the head with a peice of 2 by 4.

    Equality of death for all animals.

  • At 10:50 pm, Anonymous tamstar said…

    I think it was more the point that it was another form of barbaric animal cruelty that I was not previously aware of... not stated to elevate one form of cruelty over others.

    In a perfect world there would be equality for animals. However, in our world some animals happen to end up in a food chain, or someone deems their removal/destruction as appropriate for a multitude of reasons from conservation of other animals, to entertainment, to squishing bugs because they look ugly or potentially carry disease.

    I dislike, as do a lot of people, it when animals are treated barbarically and therefore suffer, especially when (in my opinion) it is completely unnecessary: eg seal clubbing.

    As for stopping people squishing bugs Con, you'll have a hard time with that one. Personally, I carry insects I find in the house outside in a cup and set them free. I let spiders stay in the bathroom if they like. I don't use fly spray. But I know not everyone is like that. Some ppl will deem it "necessary" to get rid of them and will therefore kill them.

    I agree with you, killing insects is/could be just bad as clubbing the seal. However note that a seal that is clubbed might suffer more than an insect that is squished because insects and other arthropods don't have any nociceptors; they can feel sensations, but pain is definitely not one of them.

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